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Support Businesses During Corona

Supporting Small Businesses to Stay Alive during Corona

Corona is changing all our lives

All of us are experiencing something that we never did. Corona is changing all our lives in one or multiple ways. You might know someone who lost the job, has to cut down hours or might already have health issues due to Corona.

Just like multiple other companies, we are also facing the fact that the next weeks will be challenging. Thus, we want to encourage you to support businesses that matter to you. In the following I will give you some easy, also free ways, to support businesses especially during Corona. And hopefully, this will help them but also us to survive the next weeks.

Support local businesses

3 Free Ways to Support Businesses that You Know

Help that has an effect after the Corona Virus


We all go out for coffee or food, experiences like Alternative Cologne Tours or other services by companies every week. Think of the services you loved and that you wish to stay alive. Start with those and leave them reviews on the different platforms. Note here, each review will help the business heaps once we are all back to a normal life. Thus, the more the merrier. You can also copy and paste them in the different platforms and you will make a big difference. If you are able to post your review on different platforms instead of just one, it will also help much more than just one review. Due to the fact that everyone researches before using services, reviews are essential for a business nowadays.

In the following lines you will see platforms that we are registered in. If you are not sure where to review other businesses, just write them. I am sure they will appreciate that.

In our case it would mean that you could write reviews on the following platforms: 




Freetour (if you booked the tour through that)

Video (ask whether the business will use it, but for us speaking, it would be mind blowing to have feedback of your experience with us that we could implement in our homepage and social media)


Review Alternative Cologne Tours


You use Facebook or Instagram, write a personal blog, you work for a magazine or the TV? It does not matter if you have a professional page or a private account online, as long as you have it, you can feature your favorite business. 

What exactly can you do?

  1. Tag the business that you used and appreciated (tag it and the business can see your support and might share it as well)
  2. Share it (either through social media, feature in blog posts etc.)
  3. Talk about it (in your blog, a magazine, in a chat, Tv Show etc.)

(If you click the different words of the examples, you see some of our features of the last years.)


A good community keeps the vibe up and can support the business in a few ways.  First of all, for a small business it is just uplifting to receive the feedback once they publish things on their social media feed. Next to the reviews. Besides the uplifting personal effect, it will also influence the way the feed is shown to other people. When you comment on something, your friend might see it as well.

Building the community with the support of the community is incredible. Invite friends to the pages and make it grow. The more peopole will follow, the more might use the service of the business.

Direct Help to keep the Business alive

If you are someone who goes to a specific pub, barber, floral shop or whatever you can think of on a regular basis.

If you plan something for the summer or the next months and years to come and know which services you will use.

If you loved a service as much and you want to support it no matter if you will go there again or not (especially if the business was while travelling and not in your hometown)

Buy a product or a voucher (online). This way you keep the business alive in a direct way. 

Some businesses also have some kind of support page. I just started this on Patreon as well to make sure we can survive Corona and be able to produce more for you, like Podcasts and fun events. 

Patreon Alternative Cologne Tours

What Do You Want to Experience after Corona?

All of us are more at home now and can start supporting one another in so many ways. Whether you do it for free or buy a voucher, do it with love. And think of the time after Corona and all the places and experiences that make so many memories in the upcoming month.

To all the businesses: stay strong and stay strong together. If you run a business or know one which could do a cooperation with us, contact us and I am sure we can go long ways together and make us stronger this way. 

Take care.

Stay home. 

And hopefully see you soon offline again.

Eva 🙂

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