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Corona Toilettenpapier

Diverse Reactions on Corona in Cologne

The topic is all over

It is what it is. Corona is all over the media, offline and online. The interesting part is always how humans deal with the situation. 

Here, I will give you an insight of different reactions in our city Cologne. It might get updated as this will be a topic we will have to brace for quite a bit longer. So if you like it, share it and also save it as it might happen to be updated once in a while.

Corona Streetart Toilet Paper

How shops react in Cologne

While walking very early before everyone else gets up, it is always interesting to spot the changes that happened to the city. Thus, here are some insights of the shops who display the topic in their sense. If I name the shop, it is to give credit but not because I get paid for that (just for your information 😉 ).


This is Hennes, our local soccer mascot. He is all about saying safe as well. Seen: Ehrenoptik.

Corona Hennes

How artist interact with the current situation

Art is often a reflection of the current time, whether it is about politics, critical topics or just a personal issue of the time. Thus, it was quite nice to see that some artist started to show art due to Corona and its consequences.

Corona Ironie

How the city Cologne reacts onto Corona

I think quite often we hear information about what we should or should not do, but we can not feel or see the message during the day. In Cologne, it is all quite different. In so many ways we are sharing things that matter and it is just lovely to see how much the city council makes sure that the messages come across. Always and especially now.


In one of the official posters that are hanging in the city, it states “call your grandma and grandpa more often”. I think that is just too cute!

Updates about Corona and Streetart

As you know, streetart is always changing and very dynamic. Thus, we will keep all pictures of the time in our Pinterest. Check it out to see the updates about the reflection of the time in streetart.


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