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Street Art Tour Cologne

Street Art Tour in Cologne Ehrenfeld 

Our Street Art Tour starts in Cologne Ehrenfeld, one of 86 districts in Cologne. These districts are well known as “Veedel” as the locals would call them. The district of Cologne Ehrenfeld shows a variety of legal and illegal art which will be the core of the Street Art Tour. 

What to Expect from our Street Art Tour 

This Street Art Tour explores different artists that left amazing artworks in the street of Cologne Ehrenfeld. This includes local artists from Cologne, Germany as well as international artists from all over the world. After the tour, you are most likely to recognize the different artists by yourself. This tour will also explain to you the variety of techniques that are used by these Street Artists. 


Artists that you will get to know during our Street Art Tour in Ehrenfeld:

  • Captain Borderline
  • El PEZ
  • Hero Art*
  • Huami
  • PlanetSelfie
  • Sei Leise*
  • Zezao

*These artists represent illegal Street Art, thus, we can not guarantee that this will be still around during the tour.

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How to get there:

  • by train to “Bahnhof Ehrenfeld” (Train Station Ehrenfeld)
  • by metro to “Venloer Str/ Ehrenfeld” (with tramnumber 3 or 4)
  • Start: Train Station Ehrenfeld (Venloer Str 354B)
  • End: Near the Train Station
  • Duration: ca. 2hours
  • Price: 22€ (public tours)
Street Art Tour Ehrenfeld

Starting Point of the Street Art Tour:

Venloer Str 354B / directly at the Train Station Ehrenfeld

Book your Spot in our Street Art Tour

You are interested in Art and especially Street Art? Then get yourself a spot in our upcoming Street Art Tour. You can either book a spot on our public tours. Join the tour alone or with friends, family or other amazing people in your life. To keep our high quality, we kindly ask you to book your slot to make sure that we have comfortable group sizes. 

Request for a private Street Art Tour:

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