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Street Art Tour Cologne _ Layla Xing & HUAMI

Street Art Tour in Ehrenfeld

Our Street Art Tour starts in Ehrenfeld, one of 86 districts in Cologne. That district shows a variety of legal and illegal art which will be the core of this tour. 

What to Expect of our Street Art Tour

This Street Art Tour explores different artists that left amazing art in the streets of Ehrenfeld. This includes artists from Cologne, Germany and the world. After the tour, you are most likely able to recognise the different artists by yourself. This tour will also explain to you the techniques that are used by the artists.

Alternative Excursion Cologne

Book Your Spot

You are interested in Art and especially Street Art? Then get yourself a spot in our upcoming Street Art Tour. You can just get a spot on our public tours, whether alone or with a few friends, family or other amazing people in your life that you love spending quality time with. To keep our quality at a high level we kindly ask you to book a spot to make sure that we have comfortable group sizes. 

Prices of Public Tours

We are presenting our tours in a high-quality and are convinced that our guests honour that by their payment. You pay what you want! A concept that is known around the world. No rules just the value your give our tours. Thus, the only thing we expect of our guests is the honest and respectful honour of our tours. Do you love our tours? Then make sure to balance the value you got with the value you give. 

Alternative Street Art Tours Cologne- MEOW
Street Art Tour Ehrenfeld
Starting point of the tour

Start and End of the Street Art Tour in Ehrenfeld:

Start: Venloer Street/ Trainstation Ehrenfeld; opposite of Heliosstrasse

End: Heliosstrasse

Street Art Tour Ehrenfeld Booking
Alternative Free Walking Tour Köln - AEC Interesni Kazki

Private Tours

You are looking for a private tour for your family, friends or colleagues? We are happy about your request. We send you prices by request, just contact us. 

get in touch with Alternative Cologne Tours
for requests, date scheduling and booking for private tours:
01590 5575199 (also via WhatsApp)

Life Design. Robi The Dog and Metraeda

Artists that you will get to know during the Street Art Tour:

  • AEC interesni kazki
  • Captain Borderline
  • Hero Art
  • Huami
  • Joiny*
  • MEOW*
  • PEZ
  • PlanetSelfie*
  • SeiLeise*

* these artists show illegal street art, therefore its always possible that their artwork has been removed and there is no 100% guarantee to see them.

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