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Carnival In Cologne

11 Helpful Insights for Your Carnival in Cologne


The following 11 helpful insights for your Carnival in Cologne are important when you have celebrated Carnival before bit not in Cologne yet. You are new in Cologne and you will celebrate the fifth season for the first time. or your live suggestions even though you know that you have already the right skills for that time. Carnival is absolutely different compared to other places in Germany or the world. So come along with us and let us know whether we could help or you have a special insight that you are willing to share.


1. Insight for your Carnival in Cologne: Dressing up is a must-do!

In some regions in Germany, dressing up is an option and something kids usually do. In Cologne, this is a bit different. Here, you will stick out of the crows, if you do not dress up. Thus, make sure to have a costume or even several ones depending on the locations and for each day another one. 


2. Insight: Preparation is everything

As we already talked about dressing up beforehand, check out Deiters. It is a fun place where you find everything for the Carnival season. If you can not decide, just get it all. There will be always an occasion that you want to dress differently. Especially when you will live here longer, there is never too much of Carnival prep in your wardrobe

(This is not a Cooperation with Deiters or such. We are just loving this place and think you should see it if you do not know it yet.)


3. Insight for Your Carnival in Cologne: Red and White is always an option

You are not sure of how to dress up? You can always come in the colours of Cologne: red and white. This is really always an option. Especially when you are from a place that is not as patriotic, this might sound strange but you will see many people who wear “just” red and white clothes as a costume.


4. Helpful Insight

Do you want to be part of the crowd? You will always be a part of it in Cologne. And when you are able to sing along, it makes it even better. Thus, check out the local Carnival music as this is most of what you hear during these days.


5. Insight: Celebrate where you want

During Carnaval in Cologne, you decide where you want to celebrate. just pretty much every time you celebrate in Colon. This time it comes to another level. as you can literally celebrate everywhere: in pubs, clubs, streets. Very important to note is that you should start very early as the places will be crowded from early on. On November 11th when the season starts, it is necessary to start before 11 otherwise you might not be able to get inside the places.


6. Insight: Parades

Whether it is your first time or you have been here heaps of times, join a parade. There are heaps fo them. From small to big, in the city and the quarters.

Here you can find all of them Check it out and decide which one you would love to join. Some are by schools, institutions of the carnival organisations.


7. Insight: Peak of craziness

The craziness is especially obvious in the city centre. Here, all shop windows are closed with wood to protect the glass. Follow us on Instagram to see what this and other areas are like during that time. 

Here, you find us Alternative Cologne Tours on Instagram.


8. Insight for your Carnival in Cologne: Burning

On the last night, you can join the burning of the Nubbel. The Nubbel is a straw doll the represents all sins that were done during that time. Once it is burned, all sins are gone. You find this doll at many pubs, usually hanging somewhere, for example above the entrance door. 


9. Insight: when strangers become friends

It Cologne, it happens quite often that you start a conversation. It does not matter if you are in the changing room at the gym or waiting in line in the supermarket. During Carnival, this is on another level and more extreme. Here, you drink together, dance and have a great time. It does not matter whether you know one another for ages, some hours or just met. Enjoy the fun. 


10. Insight: more than Carnival

Carnival in Cologne is more than just the fifth season. It is a way of living that you can especially experience during that time. That is also why citizens say that Cologne is a feeling. It truly is!


11. Insight: vacation

You might want to schedule some days off after Carnival. In case you celebrate each day during Carnival, this might be the best you can do, to take a few days off afterwards.


11 Helpful Insights for your Carnival in Cologne

We hope that these eleven suggestions give you a new perspective onto Carnival in Cologne. Of course, there are many more things that could be mentioned. Leave us, if you like, your most important insight or tip that you want to give everyone reading this in the comments. 


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