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Free Things To Do At Home During

Free Things To Do At Home

Free Things to Do at Home

Sometimes it seems there is not much to do or you just want to become more creative but you are not sure how and where to start. This post is hopefully a fun solution for days like this.  Here I selected three different, creative things that are given by different people and backgrounds for free for your leisure. Enjoy.

1. Free Coloring Book by SeiLeise 

Sei Leise, a local artist, started posting pictures on his social media account that you can download for free. This is definitely something fun and free to do at home.

He also encourages you to be an artist as well. Besides coloring, you can also cut it and paste it. If you as a parent are reading this, you might want to do this in the kids’ room which should be fun as well.

2. A Big Company that Gives for Free

Montana, a known company for art supplies, gives a free illustration book. Also I love the fact what they write about the situation, the perspectives we have and which focus we should keep. 

“The current world situation is far from optimal. […] it is hard to remember that there is a lot more to life than viruses. […] it is important to remember that every cloud has a silver lining.”

” In order to make your time in isolation as creative and enjoyable as possible, Montana Cans will make all the illustrations from the Montana Cans “Illustration Book Best Of ” available for free download! Every page ready for you to download at your own leisure. Trucks, trains, billboards, walls and street scenes and more are all available for your personal touch from the comfort of your own home.  Choose from 33 designs to create your outside world, even if you can’t get out into it yourself.”


[Source 02.04.2020:]

3. Digital Drawing Book

A few artists, Mr.OhmOne, Sm111le, HokerOne and Jacky&Hide, put a drawing book together. You can wither download it for free or donate something. The donation will be given to labels, gastro places, artists, small businesses. Also, if you donate you will be given the chance to win something. 

Download for free

Download via donation (you can also donate a small amount like 2,50€).

4. Just Do Something You Enjoy

When was the last time you just drew something? For fun? Not to be perfect but just to enjoy the process?

I love personal development and this has so much to do with that.

Think of the time when kids are in kindergarten, they are allowed to draw the way they like. It does not matter if they cross the lines or if colors are not used the “proper” way. And then, suddenly, they go to school and have to draw within the lines and use “proper” colors. It is always interesting what we are told to do and not to do…

So if you are looking for something free to do now, think of something that you enjoyed during your childhood and stopped for whatever reason. You might wanna pick it up again. The only one that is holding you back now is you and the memories and connotations you might still have to an experience that was not the way you expected.

Enjoy Free Things to Do at Home

I hope you like this and will enjoy the different free things that you can actually do at home. With this, I am also happy to show you that the creative scene also supports the idea of staying home and being creative and still focus on the good. If you know of any other artists or companies that give fun free things to do at home, let me know and I can update this post for everyone else with your knowledge.

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