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Letters and Numbers above German Door Frames – C M B what is the meaning?


Letters and Numbers above German Door Frames – C M B what is the meaning?


You are strolling around in Germany and you will find numbers and letters above German doors. What does it mean or is it just art? That was a common question the past years, thus we are about to unfold it for you. 

What is the meaning of the numbers and letters

The coordination of numbers and letters are always the same. 

Number * C + M + B * Number

20 *C + M + B* 20

The numbers are representing the current year. Thus, 20 letters 20 means = 2020. 

The letters are the initials of Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar, the three wise men. Though more often it represents the blessing for the building. CMB: Christus Mansionem Benedict („Christus bless this house“).

Who and how is the installation

The blessing is done by carol singers that are sent by the catholic church. Those are usually kids dressed as wise men. They usually come on January 6th or around this day. 

The installation is done in two different ways. In many areas, they still do it the old way, with chalk. They write onto the door frame. In many cities, they are using stickers which are prepared for each year and attached by the carol singers. The stickers take over as they can also be attached to plastic door frames without damaging them.

We hope this helped heaps to understand a cultural aspect in Germany. We love receiving all your questions, during the tour but also afterwards. We will write more to inform you. Do you have another question? Just send us a message .

Letters and Numbers on German Door Frames

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