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Alternative City Tours that are beyond average. History, Culture and Street Art (legal and illegal). 
We are offering different tours: City Tour; Street Art Tour Ehrenfeld; Deutz and Street Art Tour meets LifeDesign
Our concept: pay what you want (Free Walking Tour); public and private tours. Booking for everyone . For example: friends, as institution or as employer.

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Street Art Against Hate

Street Art Against Hate

Street Art against Hate

#ToLiveAndLetLive is a project that arose in October 2018 by eight artists from Cologne, in particular: Planet_Selfie, Greentaxonomy, VCTRPLNT, Maidincologne, Adultremix, Cuts.and.pieces, Sweetsnini and 8arms2hug. The project came into place as the artists want to stand up against hate that exists in our society. Hate can have different faces, may arise by a variety of channels and is often underestimated in what it does to people. 

The so-called #nohatefamily has picked up within a short time, thus from the beginning around 100 artists joined the project to stand up against hate. Currently, more than 800 artists joined this project that is also a movement. It is great to see that many artists contribute it within a short time, also very well known ones, including 1 up and Bananensprayer.

Live and let live around the world

The project became very big within a short time as many artists joined. It has spread quickly via social media and other media channels, e.g. articles online and offline. Additionally, you will see „Walls of Love“ popping up, those are big collages of the project. Currently, you see these walls in Cologne, London, Berlin, Toulouse, Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New York, Leipzig, Ohio, Frankfurt, Rome, Rostock,  Siegen, Opladen. These walls are done by local artists.

Sure thing, if you want to support this project write us or the project page. You can help in many ways to keep it growing and raise awareness

We, Alternative Cologne Tours, are very happy to be part of the #nohatefamily. As everyone knows that has joined our tours, we against any hate or exclusion, and are beyond happy that project is getting bigger and thus spreads awareness more and more.

Street Art Jäje Hass
Street Art Against Hate
Levve un levve losse
StreetArt Against Hate
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