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Reclaim Award Cologne

Reclaim Award Cologne

Reclaim Award – what is it?

Reclaim is actually reclaiming the billbords and replacing advertisement with art. We love it, as you know from our tours, the city is full of advertisment which takes away the space for art.

Make sure to have a stroll around Ehrenfeld and pay attention to the billboards, also while waiting for your train. It is just amazing that the billboards at the train station have been changed as well, because we know from our tours, that the greatest art is unseen as we are often busy walking from one place to the other without paying much attention to our surrounding. And while waiting for the train, the chances are higher that some people will see the art of Reclaim as if they would not, if it would be just the billboards on the streets.

It is happening from September 20 until 30th 2019. 

The map is available HERE.

Reclaim Award in Cologne – Art on Billboards

It is just amazing what Reclaim has done. The billboards show the diversity of art. The scale is one to eighteen, thus it is also interesting to see art on such a huge board, as it was a lot smaller beforehand.

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