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Cologne | Germany

Free Walking Tour Cologne

Free Walking Tours in Cologne give you an insight of the City and its beautiful culture, history and street art. If you are keen to know more just about street art, you can also join our street art tours in Ehrenfeld, Belgian Quarter, the Quizzes or the Bike within the free walking tour concept. 

Free Walking Tour Concept

Free Walking Tours exist worldwide. Just google Free Walking Tour and the specific city you will be travelling to and you get the list of tour companies running free walking tours, like we do in Cologne.

Digitale Stadtführung durch Köln Veedel
Sei Leise Tour Köln

Register for our Free Walking Tour in Cologne

Yes, we are happy for you to register for our tours as we love tours in good-sized groups. This helps us to keep our quality on a high level. Just check our calendar, select your date, the tour, and send us a message. For each tour we have a few slots available for that concept. You will receive a confirmation when you were picked for the slots. In any case - you will receive an answer by us.

Free Walking Tours | Cologne

The Idea

Street Art Bananensprayer

Why do we offer Free Walking Tours in Cologne?

The "pay what you want" concept is worldwide known as "Free Walking Tours". Thus, anyone can join. For us, it is important that anyone could join - also those who do not have a lot of money or enough to do such an activity.

Paying a Free Walking Tour

You pay whatever it is worth to you or what you can pay. As mentioned, it is a worldwide concept known as Free Walking Tour. We are an independent company, not sponsored whether by the city nor by a private person.

Köln Altstadt


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