Free Walking Tour Cologne

Currently, we offer two tours as a "Free Walking Tour" in Cologne. Our public Alternative City Tour and Street Art Tour Ehrenfeld.

You can read about the insights of the tours when pressing the pictures underneath. 

Free Walking Street Art Tour Cologne
Alternative Free Walking Tour Cologne

Why do we offer Free Walking Tours in Cologne?

The "pay what you want" concept is worldwide known as "Free Walking Tours". Thus, anyone can join and is not already excluded due to a ticket price. 

Free Walking Tour Concept

Free Walking Tours can be worldwide booked. Just google Free Walking Tour and the specific city you will be travelling to. Imagine you are about to travel to Berlin. Then, you would just google "Free Walking Tour Berlin" and will be seeing Alternative Berlin Tours who also offer Free Walking Tours.

Register for our Free Walking Tour in Cologne

Yes, we are amazing tours which we love in good-sized groups. This helps us to keep our quality on a high level. Just check our calendar, select your date, the tour, book. And you are ready to join.

Paying a Free Walking Tour

You pay whatever it is worth to you. As mentioned, it is a worldwide concept. Known as Free Walking Tour. 

We are an independent company, not sponsored whether by the city nor by a private person.